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Chinese INMED Grad Makes COVID-19 Response


“Today I am working in a Beijing hospital where the people are screened and treated if they are diagnosed with COVID-19. I’ve been serving in this capacity since the outbreak began in January.” Chunyan Jiang, MD PhD, works in the Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at Beijing Friendship Hospital – associated with Capital Medical University. She continues, “As you have taught me, I am serving the vulnerable people. I am so proud of it, and I believe you will be proud for me too.”


I enjoyed getting to know Dr. Jiang last fall during the six months she was a learner in the INMED Professional Certificate course in International Medicine & Public Health. She and her thirty-five classmates studied, among other subjects, emergency pandemic control.


Dr. Jiang is among some 850 INMED Professional Certificate and Professional Diploma graduates. She concludes her messages, “Thank you very much for your warm encouragement. What Dr. Comninellis and Dr. Mark have said and done are always kept in my mind. You are the best models for me to learn from. I will continue to serve the vulnerable people as you have taught and showed to us.”

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