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Become A Disease Investigator?


Today’s ongoing COVID-19 crisis shines a bright light on little-recognized field of science: epidemiology. These are professionally trained disease investigators known as epidemiologists. Normally, epidemiologists are silently working in government health agencies and research institutions, tracking the status of health, the development of health issues, and design of interventions to protect and improve health. Sound virtuous, doesn’t it?


Our COVID-19 pandemic has prompted leaders from government, industry, and health to urgently call upon epidemiologists for counsel in tracking the disease, answering its many critical questions, and rapidly developing modalities to prevent, detect, and curb COVID-19’s advance.


Are you intrigued with becoming a disease investigator? INMED today introduces the Professional Certificate Course in Epidemiology. This 6-credit hour, entirely online course introduces the hard science, issues, and practical application epidemiology principle to thorny, relevant concerns like Ebola, HIV, domestic violence, air pollution, heart disease, and epidemics. Completion of this course also fulfills a requirement for the Professional Master’s degree in International Health (MIH). Allow virtue to guide your career, and consider epidemiology!

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