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INMED’s Core Professional Certificates Are Now Virtual!


“I want to take advantage of INMED’s learning opportunities, but I live in New York City…Budapest…Thailand…Phoenix.” We hear you! INMED core Professional Certificate Courses in International Medicine, International Nursing, and International Public Health are now available via online learning and virtual classroom!


Meet our Spring 2020 graduates, screen captured above. From Fort Worth TX, Springdale AR, Newark NJ, and Solon OH, they diligently tracked the structured online learning through the ten-week syllabus. Next, we met together for two days of virtual classroom experience to discuss the controversial issues and learn important practical skills like suturing and newborn resuscitation. These learners earned 76 hours of CME and 10 credit hours towards the MIH – the Master’s degree in International Health. More importantly, their skills and motivation are high to serve people in the margins of our most needy communities.


What’s next for you in the world of online and virtual learning? To begin, please sample our Free Demo Course. In just 15 minutes you’ll sample the INMED learning experience. New Professional Certificate Courses begin every month, including the new Professional Certificate Course in Epidemiology. So, distance too great? Classes canceled? Rotations on hold? We hear you, and INMED’s core Professional Certificates are now virtual!

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