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Who Won The 2021 National Healthcare Service Award?

Many health care professionals within their own nations are sacrificing personal comfort in order to care for their neglected neighbors. The award recipients are role models in providing health care for their own people. The 2021 INMED National Healthcare Service Award recipient is Jordan Crawford, PA-C. Jordan is a graduate of the Kanakuk Institute and the University of Missouri-Kansas City Master of Medical Science Physician Assistant program, and the INMED Professional Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health.


Since 2018, he has served in family medical care at Hope Family Care Center in Kansas City’s urban core, located at 31st Street and Prospect Avenue. When asked about what personally motivates him to promote healthcare for marginalized people, Jordan replies, “My motivation comes directly from my faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to what I believe God calls all Christians to: serving the least of these as Christ did. This includes the orphans, the widows, the poor, the marginalized, and whoever our neighbor happens to be. This isn’t limited to socioeconomic class, but it is that class of individuals who are at greater risk for death, disease, injustice, and inequity.”

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