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Afghanistan Heightens Worldwide Refugee Crisis


“Turbulence in Afghanistan – people fleeing their homes from the Taliban – is already provoking worldwide migration,” report my colleagues at the United Nations. “Like a ripply effect, desperate human beings running for their borders provoke greater insecurity among vulnerable people in neighboring nations, who in turn flee for safety. These ripples are becoming a flood around the globe.”


At this moment, 80 millions people – the population of Germany – are living as refugees  in other nations. These are the worlds most endangered people, usually traveling without money, documents, friends, nor a clear destination. We at INMED as especially concerned over the plight of international refugees, and our Training Sites in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan provide refugee care. Would you like to become involved in care of international refugees? This Early Fall Term, INMED is offering our International Refugee Care Course – a two credit hour graduate level learning experience preparing you to serve with excellence amid in our complex, compelling worldwide refugee crisis.


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