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Learn From The Best: INMED’s 2021 Compassionate Service to Humanity Recipient


INMED’s faculty include Micah Flint, recipient of the 2021 Comninellis Award for Compassionate Service to Humanity. This award was established by the INMED Board of Directors to recognize people who demonstrate care and concern for those in need, who give selflessly of their time and resources, and who inspire others to take similar action.


Micah Flint completed an MPA in healthcare leadership and disaster management at Park University. He also holds a nursing degree and bachelor’s degrees in science and liberal arts. He earned his INMED Diploma in International Nursing & Public Health in 2008, which included two terms of service at Baptist Medical Center in northern Ghana. Micah has created engaging presentations and learning content on Disaster Response, Cross-Cultural Skills, Health Leadership, and Simulation. He is the author of the Disaster Response: Pocketbook for Volunteers and Disaster Management in Limited Resource Settings, 2nd Edition. He is an active member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.


Micah Flint teaches the INMED Lifestyle Health Course, which will next be offered in the 2021 Late Fall Term beginning on October 18. Healthcare professionals will benefit from this opportunity to complete a personal health status analysis and to develop a personal health plan that addresses nutrition, stress reduction, sleep hygiene, social life, and activity. The Lifestyle Health Course earns 2 credit hours toward the Master’s Degree in International Health.


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