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Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Oh the People You’ll Meet!


Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Oh, the People You’ll Meet! Dr. Seuss’ beloved 1990 best seller also expresses the wonder of being an INMED learner: Oh, the people you will meet!


Case in point: this fall’s Graduating Class in International Medicine & Public Health. Juby Thomas is a OB/GYN physician in India, fluent in five languages. Kristin Randa, a Florida State University family medicine global health fellow, logged in from Honduras. Corlina Matthew is a Caribbean national taking advantage of medical school in China. A resident physician in Pittsburgh PA, Oanh Truong’s mother was a 1970s Vietnamese boat person. Laurel Bennett, an American advanced practice nurse, is over serving for eight years in the African nation of Angola. Nnenna Nwabuoku is a Nigerian physician passionate over child health.


What are advantages of such a divergent and international learning environment? Opportunity to seriously consider unique ideas, to develop communication clarity, to foster cultural respect, to enhance your network, to discover previously and imagined opportunities. What’s more, INMED grad enjoyed the opportunity for on-site service-learning (rotation) experience at INMED Training Sites in 25 nations.


Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Oh, the People You’ll Meet! 

Simply make an INMED Course registration complete

Study disease and health in a fresh new way

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