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New For You From INMED In 2022


One positive outcome of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been enhanced capacity at INMED to develop new learning opportunities. Here’s welcome news for those like you who are concerned over hunger in Afghanistan, mass casualty in Yemen, and Omicron everywhere. New in 2022 INMED is offering:


Professional Qualification Course in Hands-On Skills for Low-Resource Healthcare. This experience is designed to provide professionals a review of mostly commonly needed clinical skills for settings with a dearth of specialists. Included are hands-on sessions covering wound care and suturing, extremity trauma and immobilization, complicated obstetrics, newborn resuscitation, tropical fever evaluation, and community health survey techniques. Take advantage of Hands-On Skills for Low-Resource Healthcare in Kansas City, MO, on June 9, the day before the 2022 Humanitarian Health Conference!


Professional Qualification Course in Essential Care for Every Baby and Small Babies. Infants need warmth, hygiene, umbilical cord care, eye care, breastfeeding, and proven-effective medications and immunizations. But many around the world go without. This is an evidence-based educational program to prepare healthcare professionals to teach basic baby care techniques in low-resource locations to benefit midwives, mid-level providers, and community health workers. Arrive two days before the 2022 Humanitarian Health Conference, and learn Essential Care for Every Baby and Small Babies in Kansas City, MO, on June 8.


INMED 2022 Winter Term also begins on Monday, Jan 10, with International Refugee Care, Healthcare for Marginalized Americans, Epidemiology, and more. In the springtime, look for INMED’s new Obstetrics Ultrasound for Primary Care Course and long-anticipated Helping Mothers Survive curriculum.


What other new learning opportunities would you like to see from INMED? Please share your ideas by penning a message to [email protected]


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