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Present Your Poster at the Humanitarian Health Conference!


What great advances in international health have resulted from research? Measles vaccine, HIV drugs, malaria bed nets, tobacco controls, basic newborn resuscitation, to name a few. But profound international health challenges remain that can only be vanquished through continued scientific investigation. Some of these challenges include the quests for more effective tuberculosis vaccines, successful cardiovascular polypill, low-cost cancer treatments, and road trauma prevention.


The Humanitarian Health Conference, June 9-10 in Kansas City, is an opportunity for students and researchers of all experience levels to share their insights to an altruistic audience. We invite Poster Presentation subjects in three categories: global health education, research or innovation, and case study. For examples, please view the 2022 Poster Presentation Participants and Award Recipients. That’s right, awards and cash prizes for the premier poster presentations! More importantly, poster presentations can expand your professional network and advance your career qualifications. Please view the Poster Presentation Information and submit by May 25, 2023.


What great advances in international health are just over the horizon? Participating in the Humanitarian Health Conference is an ideal opportunity to contribute to the science, increase your healthcare skills, connect with volunteer organizations, and ultimately to advance the welfare of all humankind.


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