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Who Won The 2024 INMED National Healthcare Service Award?

Many health care professionals within their own nations are sacrificing personal comfort to care for their neglected neighbors. The award recipients are role models in providing health care for their own people.
The 2023 INMED National Healthcare Service Award recipient is Dale Agner. A United States Air Force physician with 25 years of service in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa, Dr. Agner was Commander of the 1st Special Operations Medical Group. In 2017 Dr. Agner brought his leadership skills to the Open Door Mission Health Clinic – an urban, underserved, gospel–focused ministry in Omaha, Nebraska. Not only does the clinic provide exceptional patient care, but also clinical experience and mentoring for medical students and resident physicians to learn the nuances of care for vulnerable people. Dr. Agner earlier earned the INMED Professional Qualification in Ultrasound for Primary Care and applies the skills to serve both his patients and his learners.
Says Dr. Agner, “My time in the Air Force Medical Service provided extensive opportunities to develop the academic, clinical, and administrative expertise needed for excellent and cost-effective healthcare.” What an exceptional blessing for Open Door Mission Health Clinic to develop with Dr. Agner in the lead!

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