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INMED Students In Honduras


Erica Heitmann fulfilled a life-long dream by serving at the Hospital Evangelico in Honduras qualifying for the INMED International Medicine & Public Health Diploma. Erica is a senior medical student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, and President of their student chapter of the CMDA. “I had seen photos and heard stories about health problems in the developing world,” says Erica, “but no education was nearly as valuable as actually making the trip and trying to help out for myself. I felt pretty inadequate in the beginning, but the thoughtful staff physicians there guided me through my first cases of malaria and dysentery. They also gave me a roll model to follow. Working with way too many patients and far too little in the way of supplies would strain anyone. But these docs were consistently patient and compassionate. Amazing!”


“I’m about to start residency, but I’m already looking for my next opportunity to go back to Honduras and serve again. This time, I will be much better prepared, both with knowledge and skills. But perhaps more importantly, studying in Honduras fueled my personal desire to serve God and other people through my career in medicine.”


Located in the city of Siguatepeque, Hospital Evangelico cares for some seventy inpatients and one hundred outpatients daily. People coming to Hospital Evangelico represent a broad spectrum of society, with many suffering from chronic diseases. The medical staff consists of sixteen Honduran physicians of various specialties. Many American medical students and residents have worked at Hospital Evangelico over the years. Students are constantly under the guidance of a staff physician.

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