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2008 Exploring Medical Missions Conference



The 2008 Exploring Medical Missions Conference is hosted this year by the Institute for International Medicine, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Foundation, Research Medical Center, St Luke’s Health System, the University of Kansas School of Medicine Department of Infectious Diseases, and the University of Missouri School of Medicine International Medicine Program. The Conference will be held on May 30-31, 2008, at the University Center on the Main Campus of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City MO.


2008 Conference Theme: Launching Into Medical Missions


Most health professionals contemplate international service and are inspired by the prospects. Yet few are confident about where to begin. This year’s Conference will equip health professionals with the necessary professional, cross-cultural and personal skills. It will also provide guidelines for career decisions, including how to select a sending organization and a community in which to serve. Participants will have ample chance to network with medical mission organizations about specific opportunities.


Three Years & Running… 350 participants attended the May 2007 Exploring Medical Missions Conference, including some 120 physicians, 146 nurses, 34 medical and nursing students and 50 others including pharmacists, dentists, therapists, and physician’s assistants. Attendees came from twenty-seven states and represented 13 nationalities. In addition, 16 organizations exhibited and provided specific opportunities for attendees to volunteer in international medicine.


2008 will 23 presentations, including those by


Daniel Hinthorn, MD, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Kansas University Medical Center
Patrick Railey, MD, of Operation Mobilization (OM) Medical Ministries
Karen Herrera, RN, of Health Care Ministries (AG)
Brent Hambrick, MD, of MedMissions, Honduras
Jean Fields, RN, of the Research College of Nursing
Anil Cherian, MD, MPH, of Emmanuel Hospital Association in NE India


At the completion of this conference participants will understand:


How to prepare themselves for international service with professional, cross-cultural and personally skills
How to choose a sending organization and select a community to serve
The greatest issues in world health today
The diagnosis and management of common diseases of poverty
The principles of cross-cultural adaptation and communication
The health interventions that are most appropriate for resource-poor nations


Register Now & Save! Early registration allows a substantial discount over the regular conference price. This conference will help participants make sound decisions surrounding medical missions, and also connect them with the best sending organizations. Please bring a friend!


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