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Harrison Ford, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Alan Greenspan, Vladimir Puton. Just name your field of interest, and you no doubt can list its most remarkable personalities. But what about within the realm of international medical service? Who are the ones today who inspire our sentiments and stimulate us to action on behalf of the world’s most neglected citizens?


No one I know in medical missions is involved out of thirst for public recognition. Rather, most are motivated out of deep personal faith and sincere humanitarian interest while laboring in some of the most remote corners of the planet. But there is also no denying the power of role modeling to motivate others towards similar endeavors. Everyone benefits. People with legitimate health needs find relief, and medical volunteers discover that such service brings out the very best from within them. So who are the most influential people in international healthcare service? Consider these:


Brent Hambrick, MD of MedMissions, Honduras

Karen Herrera, RN, MSN of Healthcare Ministries

David S. Topazian, DDS of Project MedSend

Anil Cherian, MD of Emmanuel Hospital Association, India


Who do YOU believe are the most famous or significant people in medical missions? INMED would like to invite YOU to submit nominations via email at our Contact page for the INMED Awards. Medical missions is not simply the domain of David Livingston and Albert Schweitzer. In spite of economic and social progress since their era, billions of people remain in extreme need for compassionate health care. There is a role you can play – one worth exploring!

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