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What Will Be Your Legacy?

BraveheartIt is human nature to step up to a challenge. What challenge will you choose? It is also human nature to defend. Whom will you defend? Most all of us in healthcare have dreamed of doing something bold. Why don’t we follow through?

Here’s the reasons I hear most often: “I don’t know those diseases, Don’t I need malpractice insurance? Isn’t it dangerous? I don’t speak another language, I don’t understand their culture, Financially I can’t afford it, I’m in debt, I don’t have enough free time, I’m not a spiritual person, My parents won’t approve, My children can’t come, I can’t make any difference, and, I don’t know where to begin.”

I could share with you a rebuttal for each of these concerns. But let me simply reply by asking, What will be your legacy? When your friend and your children speak of you, for what do you most wish to be remembered? As a man or woman to dodged to live another comfortable day? Or as the rare, exemplary individual who not only felt inspire, but mobilized to action?

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