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INMED Intensive Courses – See One. Do One. Teach One

philgreenWhat makes for effective medical education? In the clinical setting we often speak of, “See one. Do one. Teach one.” It’s learning via role modeling, active participation, and skill transfer. Enter the INMED International Medicine and Public Health Intensive Courses… Just days ago we concluded the fifth round of these courses. Hours of lectures? Worse yet, hours of videoed lectures?

No. By contrast, today’s INMED Intensive courses include an interactive online segment followed in-classroom sessions that develop skills in casting/splinting, obstetrical complications, suturing, interosseous infusion, newborn resuscitation, community health surveying, cross-cultural competency, and sticky clinical case studies. Come “see one” with us. Next “do one” under supervision at an INMED training site. Then “teach one” for the benefit of local healthcare providers who will continue to care for their own.

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