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The Life You’ve Always Wanted



Isn’t it time you start living out your greatest dreams? James Fyffe, an Emergency Department nurse at North Kansas City Hospital, felt such a sentiment. Two years ago he took action, participating in the Exploring Medical Missions Conference. “There I met inspiring people,” says James. “They serve at Bach Christian Hospital in Asia, providing medical care for the poor. They also promote literacy and raise their children at that remote outpost.” James adds, “I visited them, and later this year my wife and I will move our family out to Bach Christian Hospital where I’ll teach national nurses.”

The Exploring Medical Missions Conference is an opportunity for you to investigate the life you’ve always wanted. The 2014 Conference is assembling leaders from the international health community:


• Oscar Paulo training African physicians
• John & Lori Clements restoring sight in Angola
• Abigail Rattin rehabilitating disabled children in Uganda
• John Gibson mentoring community health workers in Thailand
• Pholaphat Inboriboon mitigating disasters, and twenty-four more


Engage them and ask your questions. Above all, at this event you can embrace their example of action and prepare yourself for the exciting challenges ahead.


The dilemmas surrounding neonatal death, for example, are some of the most vexing in the broad field of global health. 1,000,000 newborns die each year from asphyxia, chiefly in low-resource communities. Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) is a Course offered by INMED to effectively prepare you to instruct neonatal resuscitation techniques to birth attendants and midwives in these settings.


What is the life you’ve always wanted? Perhaps like James Fyffe two years ago, your vision is not yet entirely clear. Is it serving in North America’s urban core? Assisting in a distant nation? The answers may well come to you through the influence of outstanding role models. But you must intentionally seek them out. James Fyffe was inspired by exemplary persons toward the life he always wanted. Please join us at the Exploring Medical Missions Conference for an opportunity for you to do the same.

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