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Helping Babies Breathe In Zambia



“Experiencing Zambia really changed my life!” Betsy Rogers is animated on her return after three weeks teaching Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) in southern Africa in association with Tiny People Matter. “We taught HBB in several settings. My favorite experience was teaching outside under trees with a slight breeze blowing, to village birth attendants for whom translation was needed. We also had opportunities to facilitate the course to a number of healthcare professionals and support staff at hospitals, clinics and orphanages.”


Betsy Rogers took advantage of the Helping Babies Breathe course offered by Cindy Obenhaus at INMED in 2014. “Next up, we are going to Central Vietnam, Quang Tri Province. Our group of four nurses partners with Global Community Service Foundation who has organized the logistics of the Vietnam HBB classes, including transporting birth attendants from faraway rural areas, translators, etc. We will be providing the booklets and flipcharts in Vietnamese, as well as the baby manikins for teaching. It is great that the learners will be practicing birth attendants who really can benefit from this education and equipment. So we are applying our HBB knowledge gained from INMED. I am so glad that you offer this class.”

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