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EMMC Then Onward To Asia



“Three years ago I participated in the Exploring Medical Missions Conference (EMMC)” says James Fyffe, an Emergency Department nurse at North Kansas City Hospital. “There I met influential staff from Bach Christian Hospital in Asia. They invited me to come visit, and soon I was on location with them in the mountains.” Last week James, with his wife Rosie and their boys, took the next step, boldly moving their home to the mountains of Asia. Theirs is a career devotion to serve at Bach Christian Hospital, with James taking a lead teaching at the school for national nurses.


James’ experience at the Exploring Medical Missions Conference is increasingly common. People come with curiosity, meet stimulating individuals, develop a vision, and climb upward through inspiring commitments. This cycle can even begin to repeat itself. “A little compassion goes a long way,” says James, “like a light illuminating a dark hill. It’s not just about the people whom you touch directly, but also those who become inspired by your example.”

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