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“Greetings from South Sudan!”

granville-sara“Greetings from South Sudan! I just wanted to send you a thank you for your thoughts and prayers…” Sara Granville is physician assistant from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. In 2009 Sara earned the INMED International Medicine & Public Health Diploma. This formative experience included a month of service learning at Clinica Evangelica Morava, INMED’s Training Site in eastern Honduras.


Following graduation from UNMC Sara expanded her vision to service one of the most desperate populations on earth. South Sudan, tragically, has been embroiled in civil conflict for decades. The current war escalated in December, 2013, creating waves of displaced people, cholera epidemics, some 2.5 million people lacking food security, and suspected resurgence of polio.


Ongoing uncertainty is one of the realities of providing care amid such unrest. Sara writes from her city, “Doro has been safe and has always felt safe. Praise God that He is in control of all governments. Praise Him that everything is calm in Doro. Please pray for me to trust God with everything–language learning, possessions, medical decisions, friendships. And pray for the people–they have been through a lot of hurt. Many turn to alcohol (which they make from their sorghum rations) to ease their hunger and pain. Pray for the men especially to turn to Jesus and to be leaders in their families.”

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