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South Sudan Dream Fulfilled



The most recent INMED Blog post from May 22 describes the remarkable journey of Sara Granville, 2009 INMED Diploma graduate, who recently began serving in South Sudan. But there is more to this heartwarming story that will intrigue you…


The 2013 INMED International Medicine Award recipient was Cathy Hoelzer, a physician assistant who also serves in rugged South Sudan’s largest refugee camp as the SIM Health Program Manager. Cathy contacted us at INMED last year asking if INMED could assist her to recruit colleagues. INMED enjoys a large network of qualified individuals, but had no direct response to this Cathy’s particular appeal. Cathy Hoelzer just wrote again, however, to say that INMED Graduate Sara Granville is actually working alongside her in South Sudan.


What I find most inspiring about this account is the similar heart attitudes of Cathy, Sara, and many of our other colleagues who of their own volition seek out opportunities to serve formerly forsaken people the world over.

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