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Gary Morsch – 2015 INMED Compassionate Service To Humanity Award Recipient



“Would serving people in serious need help to fulfill my life?” is a question frequently posed to Gary Morsch. He replies, “People really do want to help one another, but they often don’t know how to do it.” Dr. Morsch has invested his entire life in assisting people discover just how. In 1993 he organized the first Physicians With Heart airlift of goodwill medical supplies to the new Russian Federation. Heart to Heart International grew out of that initiative to become one of today’s leading global humanitarian organizations, providing disaster assistance, healthcare supplies, and primary medical care in Haiti, Nepal, and the United States.


Recognizing and partnering with Gary Morsch and those of similar caliber is one of the most heartening privileges of serving with the Institute for International Medicine. Since 2008 he and other INMED Service Award recipients continue to be honored and exemplified.

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