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Where The Doctor Comes To You?



Healthcare ideally accommodates to the needs of the people being served. In actual practice the opposite is often true. This ideal nevertheless remains a guiding precept of the Liaoning International General Health Trainers (LIGHT) of NE China. I’m enjoying the privilege of my fifth winter among them. This photo captures a LIGHT physician offering consultation to a very low-income person in rural China.


Sure service is not easy. The weather is cold. Driving distances are great. Onsite medical resources (lab, imaging, pharmacy)  are minimal. And some person’s diseases are beyond LIGHT’s capability to intervene. In spite of these limitations, compassion and care are quite intentionally offered to those who are separated by the chasms of climate, geography, assets, and “therapeutic outcomes.” Would you like to experience healthcare guided by such ideals amid the very real obstacles present in China, Africa, or even the United States. I would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you about how this is doable via the INMED Diploma in International Pubic Health or INMED Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health

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