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International Public Health – In Your Future?



This week I am in Glendale CA, near Los Angeles, for the in-classroom section of the INMED International Public Health Hybrid Course. International public health is one of the most inspiring of fields, for its objective is prevention disease and disability among our world’s most vulnerable people. Whenever we speak of eliminating polio, combating HIV/AIDS, ending hunger, preventing malaria, providing safe drinking water, or discovering a better vaccine against tuberculosis we are actually describing the very objectives within international public health.


Could such a career path be part of your future? Consider the background of participants in our current INMED Course. Jane Im (back row, far left) is a nurse practitioner at Los Angeles Christian Health Centers, a safety net clinic for the city’s most at-risk people. William Cornell (back row, second from left) is a physician-attorney advocate in medical education. Patricia Salkey (front row, second from left) is an RN at Glendale Adventist Medical Center. Karine Chung (front row, far right) is a pharmacy student at University of the Pacific.


What these diverse individuals all have in common is an uncommon intention to promote the health of vulnerable communities around the globe. Could you see yourself among them? Could international public health be in your own future?

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