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Chinese Serving The Entire World



“We Taiwanese are an island people; citizens of the sea. We are comfortable going everywhere.” Let me introduce you to Edgar Wu, here receiving his INMED Academic Qualification in International Medicine & Public Health. Edgar is one of the most fascinating of the thirty-three students to took advantage of this 2016 Course offering in China. Originally from Taiwan, Edgar moved to Beijing seven years ago to pursue medical education. In the process, he not only developed astute clinical skills, he also gain a vision for the entire world – especially those who are impoverished.


China, like the United States, contains regions of profound poverty. But Edgar’s particular passion is to serve those most penniless. In this quest, Edgar has made journeys to western China, the Middle East, and to southern Asia. He’s recently decided to focus his career on providing care in Cambodia – a locale to where he’s been serving with LIGHT, the Liaoning International General Health Trainers. Freshly graduated from INMED, I came across Edgar diligently pursuing his next challenge: mastery of Khmer – the dominate language in Cambodia.

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