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“What Is Aleppo?”



This week the presidential candidate of a well-known United States political party was asked their plan for Aleppo. In response, the candidate replied, “What is Aleppo?” Shocking, but not at all surprising. Today Americans are consumed with the season football kickoff, Halloween planning, and the back-to-school rush. None of these activities carry any maleficence. But meanwhile, above, citizens in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo line up for bread.


Dr. Samer Attar is a Chicago-based orthopedic surgeon serving in the embattled city of Aleppo. “People are running out of fresh fruit and meat. Hospitals and their staff are exhausted,” he told NBC News. The entire city “is going to be bombed and starved to death … unless the international community acts.”


What can you and I do about this ongoing humanitarian calamity? First, we can easily tract and stay informed of the developments in Aleppo. Second, we can contact our Senators and press for an urgent political solution. Third, we can contribute to reputable relief organizations serving in Syria. And finally, take advantage of your personal opportunity to meet someone intimately involved in caring for those afflicted by the war in Syria. Lawand Talal, of the UN High Commission for Refugees, will be a featured speaker at next year’s INMED Humanitarian Health Conference, March 24-25 in Kansas City. Through steps like these, may we all know full well what is Aleppo.


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