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Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital Hosts INMED



This week INMED graduated our first students from Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, whose Global Disaster Response department hosted the International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course. Seventeen participated in ten weeks of structured online study, and then gathered today in Boston for three days hand-on patient care, disaster triage, and community health survey skills. These not only can’t be mastered online, but the opportunity for persons of such high vision and caliber to meet one another is priceless.


Kerrie Flynn is a nurse practitioner a Mass General Hospital. She writes, “My whole career I’ve wanted to empowering others to assist their own with new tools and to support populations in need. I really enjoyed the course and how you have put together the online delivery. Mostly this is a thank you for this super program. I’m applying to the full INMED Diploma program, and in the future to find a way to contribute to these resource poor communities again”


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