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Comfort For Suffering That Medicine Won’t Fix


“I like giving patients medicine that will help them. I like draining pleural effusions, seeing the fluid run out, and people breathing easier again. I like setting broken bones. I like delivering healthy babies. I do not like problems I can’t solve. I hate suffering that medicine won’t fix,” says Rebekah Rose, INMED International Medicine & Public Health Course Graduate. Since completing this learning experience December, Rebekah has been applying it “on the field” in Papua New Guinea. See the earlier INMED blog post about Rebekah from December 30, 2016.


Rebekah continues, “Figuring out patients’ medical problems and treating them is rewarding, but even more precious than all the procedures, prescriptions, and the solved puzzles is to have with patients open their hearts to me and to let me be God‘s vessel to comfort them and give them hope… I am not particularly good with words and I’m not exceptionally holy. And yet people invite me into their pain and fears, make themselves vulnerable to me. The most amazing thing I have seen here so far is the changed look in a person’s face when God has reached out and comforted them.”


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