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INMED China Grad Serving The World


Let me introduce you to my colleague, Edgar Wu. The graduate of medical school in Beijing, Edward completed formal family medicine residency training at LIGHT/H’Image Clinic here in Shenyang, China, from where I am writing today. Edgar is a visionary young man with his eyes on serving in the world’s poorest communities. Consistent with this vision, last year he participated in the International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course when INMED offered it here in China.


Three days ago I arrived in Shenyang to visit my Chinese friends in the healthcare community. Edgar, who has been serving in Cambodia, encouraged me by describing how the INMED course content about malaria, Zika, dengue, and typhoid has proven particularly useful to him while caring for patients in that remarkably tropical locale. Other course subjects on malnutrition and care of injuries, explained Edgar, provided him with useful skill while he served in Lebanon, too.


What is next for Dr. Wu? Look for him working back in Cambodia next year, guiding younger resident physicians here in Shenyang, and returning as faculty for the 2018 INMED courses in China. Can you tell how proud we are to be partners this particular gentleman?


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