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INMED ‘Serving The Forgotten’ Conferences in China


Since inception, INMED’s vision has included equipping healthcare personnel within developing nations to provide excellent care for their own people. This week, INMED & MedForum hosted two Serving the Forgotten events. In the photo above, 200 medical students in Nancheng, southern China, participated in exercises to enhance their skill in managing tropical fever, and acute and chronic malnutrition. These learners are all citizens of China, India, Pakistan, Ghana and Tanzania.


The following day, 23 medical students in Shanghai built upon the previous day’s activities by participating in INMED & MedForum workshops on newborn resuscitation and wound care. These individuals hail from Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Vietnam. Observing their enthusiastic desire to learn, I am most impressed with the altruistic intentions they so fluently expressed toward me: to care for the marginalized among their own peoples.


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