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Finding Love At The Humanitarian Health Conference!


Providing compassionate healthcare for neglected people is virtuous but also accompanied by doubt and dubious views by our peers. For these reasons, the Humanitarian Health Conference each year is a refreshing event, bringing us in touch with like-hearted people…


…none more like-hearted than Nathaniel Uhl and Lana Borden! Both single nurses in Kansas City, they possessed both parallel values and visions of service. Lana did her INMED Service-Learning experience at Mushili Health Center in Zambia. Meanwhile, Nathaniel was only a few steps behind, qualifying with the INMED Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health, and training also at Mushili.



But Lana and Nathaniel had never even heard of one another, that is, not until they met in person at last year’s Humanitarian Health Conference. This spring the bright couple announced their wedding plans. Bring together and encouraging like-hearted people – that’s what this event always accomplishes.


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