Royal Wedding & Princess Diana’s Final Days

May 18th, 2018 by INMED


The world tomorrow witnesses another royal wedding, with its majestic charm and exuberant happiness. Multitudes of people will feel inspired by the spectacle, sensing that perhaps in spite of our world’s devastating pain, true love does exist and good wins out over evil.


In this light, it’s timely to remember the final days of Princess Diana. Shortly before her untimely death in 1997, Diana strolled out into a known minefield in the African nation of Angola. Why? To draw attention to the horror of 10 million landmines sewn into the soil of this nation of 10 million people. Thought the war that fostered sewed mines ended in 2002, people today continue to be killed by them.


Similarly, the model of Princess Diana’s courage and action, sewn years ago, also continues to be inspirational. Are you heartened by a royal wedding? Then like Diana, express that exuberance through regal action against a great evil.