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What Is AMBO? INMED’s New Advanced Maternal Newborn Outcomes (AMBO) Course!

Pregnant women and their newborns are among the most vulnerable human beings. In lower-income communities, they frequently succumb to bleeding, infection, prematurity, malaria, and ineffective labor. At the Humanitarian Health Conference on April 4, INMED introduces the Professional Certificate Course in Advanced Mother Baby Outcomes (AMBO). This learning experience is designed to improve the results of pregnancy, delivery, and newborn survival by equipping healthcare professionals and learners the most vital, evidence-based skills in prenatal, obstetric and neonatal care.

The INMED AMBO Course is a hybrid learning experience that combines online preparation with a one-day in-classroom event consisting of application-based hands-on workshops, case discussions, and role plays. Visit the complete Course Syllabus. AMBO registration is open to healthcare professionals and learners – including those in medicine, nursing, physician assistant, midwifery, and pharmacy. Advance the health of mothers and babies. Become AMBO Certified at the Humanitarian Health Conference!

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