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On April 5-6: Equip. Connect. Go!

Ours today is a world on edge: chaos in Venezuela, starvation in Yemen, fire devastation in California, ongoing Ebola outbreaks in Democratic Republic of the Congo, to name but a few. Silhouetted against this backdrop are individuals like you; people with professional skills and a deep interest in volunteering your talents to help coax our world back from the edge. Bravo!


But healthcare is a taxing field, and providing healthcare in the midst of chaos, starvation, and fire is particularly exacting. The 2019 2019 Humanitarian Health Conference will both refresh your soul and give you special resources to Equip. Connect. Go!


Capitalize on this opportunity to equip yourself with a new expertise, to connect with a service organization of similar vision, and to create a personal plan to go serve on the edge.

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