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East vs. West: Chinese Learn, Serve and More

INMED today is teaching 40 of the brightest, most motivated learners we’ve ever engaged – and they all live in China. Representing every Chinese province, these healthcare personnel were recommended to us as exceptional. Yesterday I assessed their first Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health assignments, projects and exams. Everything their superiors claimed proved true. These are indeed remarkably responsible, effective learners. But we would not be satisfied to simply inflate one’s knowledge and credentials alone. What does their professional progress and expertise mean for low-income or otherwise disadvantaged Chinese persons?


Approximately half of INMED’s Professional Certificate Course graduates proceed into a supervised, service-learning experience at a Training Site where care is top priority for those who are disabled, elderly, poor, or minorities. Some of our Chinese graduates complete their service-learning within the country at locations like H’Image Doctor. Others like Edgar Wu serve in more difficult countries like Cambodia and Lebanon, too. All in all, this is a beautiful sight, those most bright bringing hope amid life’s blight.

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