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Humble Beginnings of INMED’s Master’s Degree

Later this year, INMED will begin offering our first graduate-level degree: the Professional Master’s Degree in International Health. Designed for those already in a health profession or health profession school, this degree will provide advanced conceptual training and field experience for individuals intent on improving health among the most marginalized people.


Akin to Neil Armstrong’s famous observation, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” this tremendous leap for INMED begin as a small step in high school. The revered Senior English course at Park Hill High included composing a research paper. My original thesis was the positive impact of physical exercise on longevity. But when the data approved insufficient, I broadened my thesis to defending the valuable health advances resulting from preventive medicine.


That 12-page paper set my course toward medical school, public health school, Board certification in preventive medicine, establishment of INMED, and now the Professional Master’s Degree in International Health. But my Senior English teacher at the time was not so impressed. She gave me a “B” and that’s OK. We were both clueless about what was actually beginning.

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