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HIV Treatments Against Coronavirus COVID-19?


This week witnessed significant escalation in the coronavirus epidemic – newly named COVID-19 – with worldwide numbers of infected person climbing by 50-100 percent every day. The normally methodical pace of science has justifiably been forced into the fast lane, with physicians and researchers considering novel approaches to coronavirus disease management based upon established treatment for other viral infections.


For example, two proven effective antiretroviral medications used against HIV, ritonavir and lopinavir, are being rapidly deployed in scientific trails to test their potential effectiveness. Remdesivir, an experimental drug used against Ebola, is similarly being used in coronavirus experiments. Even some malaria therapeutics have theoretical efficacy against COVID-19 that is being quickly assessed.


Thoughtful innovation is a lauded virtue. It has resulted in life saving antibiotics, modern anesthesia, effective vaccines, powerful leukemia treatment, and 1000 more breakthroughs. Given the continued surge in COVID-19, lets each seize our opportunities to be similarly contemplative and inventive.


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