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Covid-19’s Unknown Mysteries And You

Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, many critical scientific questions remain. In spite of diligent and intelligent attention, we still do not know for sure:


  • Whether antibodies following infection are protective against recurrent infection
  • Why elderly people are so much more vulnerable than are children
  • What symptoms and signs are the best predictors of actual infection
  • What specific treatments are proven effective


Unfortunately, similar questions are painfully frequent throughout global health. BCG vaccine against tuberculosis has been in use since 1930, has very limited effectiveness, and yet no better vaccine has been deployed. Artemisinin became first line treatment for malaria in 2006. But drug resistance is developing, and effective new anti-malarial medications are not yet commercially available. And, every summer in Angola I see children die from a plant ingestion that leads to rapid liver failure. Formal research has yet to be conducted to identify the cause or any proven effective treatment.


Many individuals in the INMED community possess a passion for research. On behalf of the world’s most marginalized people, we want to invite you to submit a poster presentation for the 2020 Humanitarian Health Conference (HHC) Virtual Event. Topics may include global health education, research or innovation-based, or a case study. Read all the details about HHC Poster Presentations, including video submission guidelines and cash awards.


COVID-19, TB, malaria, and any number of maladies continue to afflict humankind. Apply your energy and inspiration to control these diseases and thus grace our world’s people.


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