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What Is The New Normal – The Covid-19 Adjusted Life?


The most predictable quality of this new phase in the COVID-19 pandemic is that it is altogether unpredictable. Cases may spike in next month, they may dissipate all together, or they may ascend again in the fall. The exact science of today’s new threat is being developed as we speak. What is clear is that social precautions precludes us from returning to life as we knew it prior to March 2020. So, what is the new normal, the Covid-19 adjusted life? Or at the least, how can we make the best this life?


Begin with attitudes. Shouldn’t the continued presence of COVID-19 reinforce the value of our most treasured relationships? In recent weeks, it’s the very people whom we love most dearly that we’ve often seen only from a distance – so as not to pose an infectious threat. The pandemic has helped to more keenly identify and more creatively interact with these special persons. Hasn’t the lethal nature of COVID-19 also caused us to remember how fragile and short life can be? Most all of us in the healthcare professions know someone afflicted or killed by this disease. Understandably, it prompts us to reflect on how we are conducting our lives, and reconsider making the most of whatever days in our short lives that remain. And, wouldn’t our neighborhoods be more isolated were it not for the pandemic provoking in numerable acts of community kindness: sewing masks, sharing groceries, and exchanging hearty greetings as we stroll our sidewalks?


Professionally, the new normal Covid-19 adjusted life provokes remarkable opportunity for innovation. Such innovation at INMED is expressed through year’s Humanitarian Health Conference Virtual Event. For this 15th annual event we feature best-of-the-best presentations, interviews, and your questions answered live by the speakers on Friday June 12. Please join us! Another innovative is our Professional Certificate Courses in International Medicine and International Nursing now offering virtual-classroom sections instead of in-classroom sections. And, our state-of-the-art online global health courses facilitate skills in cross-cultural relations, diseases of poverty, and many more.


This new season of life is unpredictable. Let us enter this uncertainty with attitudes of virtue and skills of excellence.


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