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Do You Have These Risk Factors?


For the entire world, what are leading risk factors for death? And, do YOU possess any of these risk factors? Such questions are both intriguing and relevant. After all, hypertension becomes much more compelling when it is YOUR diagnosis. First, two caveats about this chart:


  • Risk factors maybe behaviors, microorganisms, genetic predispositions, socioeconomic elements – essentially anything correlated with disease or death
  • These are risk factors for all nations combined, not simply lower and middle income nations.


Which risk factors seem out of place? You probably recognize that obesity smoking, and high blood pressure are pervasive risk factors. But the weighty importance of air pollution and diet low in grains, nuts, and vegetables may take you by surprise.


Intriguing and relevant information? Certainly. But is it actionable? Yes! Notice that all these risk factors are modifiable. They can be improved or eliminated. First begin with your personal world. What can you do to decrease their presence in yourself and within your family? A relatively easy step is simply to record information. For example, each week check your blood pressure, weight, and calorie intake. The act of measuring and recording alone often leads to effective behavior change and health improvement. From the springboard of improved personal health, you can move on to the virtuous endeavor of reducing risk factors in your broader social and professional world.


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