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Meet Khalid Eddahiri – INMED Master’s in International Health Candidate


“How can international aid organizations better respond to human catastrophes, like what is unfolding at this moment in Yemen?” Khalid Eddahiri, United Nations Medical Officer and INMED Master’s in International Health (MIH) candidate, is tackling this compelling question for his MIH scholarly project. And what a virtuous undertaking! Today, more than 20 million people in Yemen are experiencing food insecurity, with 10 million at risk of famine.


Khalid Eddahiri is exceptionally poised to improve the prospects for Yemeni people. His experience includes United Nations missions service in Libya, east Timor, Suzanne, Chad, and Tunisia where he’s trained Emergency Medical Technicians in tactical combat casualty care, all-hazards disaster response, and national emergency risk assessment. Says Dr. Eddahiri, “Sustainable hazard risk management requires a shift from emphasis on post-disaster actions (like rescue, relief and reconstruction) to actively pursuing full hazard assessment and risk reduction. I am very pleased to be associated with INMED in this endeavor.”

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