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Meet Kerrie Flynn – INMED Master’s in International Health (MIH) Learner


“In Mexico we built a COVID-19 field hospital and developed COVID management protocols for Central American migrants – all the while continuing daily health clinics and ongoing monitoring for COVID in the refugee settlements,” reports Kerrie Flynn, family nurse practitioner with the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health.


Kerrie is an energetic and inspiring personality, and one of INMED’s most recent Professional Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH) learners. For her MIH Scholarly Project, Kerrie continues funneling her passion for forgotten people into health promotion projects. Now that the needs in northern Mexico have subsided, Kerrie is focusing on the west African nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia. “Most immediately, we are educating citizens protect themselves against COVID-19 infections. This is a cooperative effort between the Liberia Institute for Public Health, the Ambassador of Sierra Leone, and the NGO Global Response Management. We are diligently applying lessons learned in Mexico to benefit Africans.”


MIH learners like Kerrie Flynn select, design, and develop a Scholarly Project relevant to their career interests, and whenever possible these project are also in sync with their professional pursuits. Kerrie’s inspiring Scholar’s Project is Health infrastructure for mitigation of infectious diseases in Sierra Leone: Education of community health workers regarding COVID-19 prevention, safe drinking water, and maternal-child health.

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