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Earn the Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH)


What is the very best preparation for a healthcare career serving people who are low-income or cross-cultural? I would argue that the premier training is a service-learning experience supervised by an engaged, inspiring mentor. Under the guidance of a genuine role model, a learner can master both the nuances of professional practice and the personal skills necessary to thrive under frequently austere circumstances. But before such an experience, the mentor will expect a learner to be well prepared with a thorough understanding of the applicable science and issues.


The INMED Professional Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH) will prepare you with excellence to benefit marginalized people by cultivating skills in epidemiology, diseases of poverty, maternal newborn health, international public health, cross-cultural care, disaster management, health leadership, healthcare education, and research and quality improvement. The MIH is a 32-credit hour program consisting of Professional Certificate Courses, Elective Courses, International Service-Learning experience, and a Scholarly Project.


What will the MIH cost you? The tuition is just $272 per credit hour, bringing the total degree to $8704. The only additional costs are travel expenses associated with the service-learning experience. These will begin again as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic allows. The entire degree may be completed in as short as one year, and will qualify you for competitive global health positions in patient care, research, teaching, and leadership. What other questions do you have? Visit the MIH FAQs or message [email protected] as you equip yourself for an exceedingly virtuous career!


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