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Urgent Epi! And We Don’t Mean Epinephrine


“We need epi, stat!” This dramatic phrase – so familiar in emergency medicine – today possesses new significance. Epi (epinephrine), that lifesaving drug, also means epidemiology, that lifesaving science of disease investigation.


Indeed, today we do need epi stat. Beyond COVID-19, current epi crises encompass Ebola, Zika, cholera, chikungunya MERS-CoV, malaria and influenza. Also included in the epi realm are non-communicable killers like cancers, Alzheimer’s, traumatic injuries, and coronary artery and cerebrovascular disease.


Epidemiology is one of healthcare’s most unsung yet virtuous endeavors: teasing out the true causes of ill health, tracking the vulnerabilities and spread of disability and disease, exploring effective means of prevention and treatment. And all the while, maintaining positions based upon objective science.


This fall INMED will twice offer the Professional Certificate Course in Epidemiology. This structured, 10-week online learning experience is under the guidance of INMED Faculty. Sample the INMED learning experience with this 15-minutes Free Demo Online Course.


Today, do need epi stat, and we’ll continue to do so. Thus prepared, you could be the one responding with lifesaving skills.


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