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The Coming COVID-19 Climax


First, a plea for objectivity. One powerful force complicating the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be the temptation to package information to fit preconceived outcomes. Over the last five months, the result of such wishful thinking has often been lax and ineffective disease interventions, and over this same interval United States deaths from COVID-19 have surpassed even deaths from trauma to become the new third leading cause of mortality.


Multiple source projections compiled by the CDC for United States for the fall of 2020 show a progressive rise in COVID-19 infections and deaths. Rationale to explain this phenomenon include colder weather, more time in confined indoor spaces, c0-morbidities from influenza and upper respiratory infections, and fatigue and resistance to masking and other physical distancing measures. The bright news is that effective COVID-19 vaccines will likely be widely available sometime in 2021.


But in the meantime, what objective measures can we take to protect ourselves against the coming COVID-19 climax? Foremost, research data continues to support the effectiveness of avoiding crowds, wearing masks, being tested, and isolating for suspected infection. What’s more, in this season of relative social isolation, we may also find rich opportunity to develop a new talent or nurture a virtue. This summer, we at INMED used our extra time to roll out the Master’s Degree in International Health.


How will you conduct your life during the coming COVID-19 climax? Plan for safety and productivity as we all anticipate a healthier new year.



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