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Community Development – Inspiring Results in Nepal


Comprehensive community development is essential for human well-being. Growth in health, education, and economic activity contribute profoundly towards community development. But fostering such growth across cultures and amid low resources is a profound challenge. Today, INMED announces our newest partnership with an NGO demonstrating inspiring results: the Health Environmental Learning Program (H.E.L.P.) of Nepal.


H.E.L.P. is a Nepali-lead community development organization working for over twenty years to empower low-income people of the Himalayas. Responding to community-initiated requests, H.E.L.P. provides training in literacy, agricultural and animal husbandry, and maternal and child health education. All trainers are Nepali civic and church leaders working to meet both physical and spiritual needs.


As an INMED International Public Health Training Site, H.E.L.P. provides INMED learners an experience based out of the Nepali city of Dhulikhel. From this location, they accompany H.E.L.P facilitators and participate in education experiences surrounding literacy, agriculture, and health. Moreover, INMED learners enjoy witnessing the exemplary success of grassroots community leaders serving their own people to achieve often-elusive community development.


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