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TEDx And International Refugees


In this TEDx presentation, INMED Founder and Dean Nicholas Comninellis Describes the plight of 70 million people today, the population of the entire southern United States, living as refugees in other nations – people forced from their homes by persecution and military conflict. The origin of his personal experience is twofold. In the 1990s, he lived in the nation of Angola. Civil war and conflict between nations in southern Africa had forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands of families, exposing them to risk of disease, hunger, and violence. In the 2010s, he was in northern Iraq among refugees and internally displaced persons expelled from their homes by the forces of ISIS. Though ISIS no longer controls territory, it continues to rule the thoughts and behavior of many in that region, and most of these displaced people judge it is not yet safe to return to their homes.


A heart for refugees begins with information and personal relationship. INMED’s most important event of the year is the Humanitarian Health Conference – an ideal opportunity to appreciate the data and be inspired by the individuals who are at the forefront of refugee care. Join us on June 11-12, 2021 – either online or in-person – for this golden opportunity to prove that these most vulnerable people may be displaced, but they are not forgotten.


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