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Be Refreshed! Join the June 11-12 Humanitarian Health Conference!

2020 was a devastating year for both health and healthcare. In the United States, COVID-19 rose to the third leading cause of death and particularly afflicted healthcare professionals. But relief is in range. Vaccination rates are accelerating and COVID-19 illnesses are cautiously declining. More good news: the Humanitarian Health Conference is approaching.


Join us and be refreshed! On June 11-12, engage with your colleagues about developing excellent care and building self-reliance among the world’s most marginalized people. Breakout sessions will focus on community health, patient care, and career development. In-person attendees in Kansas City can also participate in hands-on skill learning sessions in ultrasound, newborn resuscitation, and complicated obstetrics. All participants will also enjoy connecting with organizations with whom they can serve.


Please note: We are continuing to monitor the current public health status to see if a transition to a virtual-only event will become necessary. In the meantime, your Humanitarian Health Conference is valid for both in-person or online participation. So be refreshed. Register now and plan ahead to join us!


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