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Are You Contagious?


Are you infected?…feverish?…coughing?…contagious? As we increasingly venture out into public spaces, we do so realizing the risks of becoming infected from another person who is contagious with Covid-19, influenza, tuberculosis, measles, even anthrax. Hence, we take proven-effective precautions to protect ourselves, and to prevent becoming ill and contagious towards others.


But most people – thank goodness – do not harbor lethal, contagious microorganisms. Some people even harbor virtues from which we benefit by being exposed: expertise, compassion, bravery, endurance. INMED is assembling just such individuals on June 11-12 at the Humanitarian Health Conference: Martha Baird – specialist in refugee mental health, Jordan Crawford – urban family medicine expert , Winston Manimtim – newborn resuscitation authority, Monica Rojas – organizer of free health clinics in central America.


Encounter expertise and compassion by joining in the Humanitarian Health Conference in-person in Kansas City or by logging into the virtual event. Benefit from the influence of such outstanding role models. You will experience encouragement; maybe a vision for the next season of your career. And, toward your colleagues and friends, your influence might even become contagious!


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