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Ready To Unmask?


Yesterday, the CDC announced that  people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer must wear a face mask when in proximity to others. This bold declaration is founded upon very recent research demonstrating that vaccinated persons are not only protected from the dangers of illness but also do not harbor or transmit the virus to others. What a welcome affirmation following fifteen months of painful precautions and diligent vaccine development!


Mask removal, however, is not simply a signal to return to life as before. This pandemic experience has brought into sharp focus the plight of those who are poor and marginalized. We need only look at the grave COVID-19 health crises unfolding this week in Brazil, India, and SE Asia: people without oxygen, transportation, medication, or even the most elementary medical care. As we peel off our physical masks, we do well to consciously unmask the deep, altruistic desire within ourselves to take action on behalf of people like these.


Where can you start? How do you find like hearted colleagues? Whom are trusted organizations with whom you can partner? INMED is gathering all these together four weeks from today, June 11-12, at the Humanitarian Health Conference. Preview the exemplary presenters and the Conference Trailer. Login or come in-person to the event Kansas City. Mark your physical unmasking with the unmasking of your most virtuous desires to aid those still in danger.

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