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Inspiring and In-Person: 2022 Humanitarian Health Conference Registration Now Open!


“Let us not lose heart in doing good!” This admonition from Paul of Tarsus, an early follower of Christ, for millennia has inspired people throughout calamity, conflict, and most recently, Covid. Please join me in Kansas City on June 10-11 for the 17th annual Humanitarian Health Conference – an event affirming that we, too, have not lost heart in doing good.


Be inspired through plenary presentations by Sam Fabiano of the Pan-African College of Christian Surgeons and Sean Mark of Kansas City’s University Health/Truman Medical Center. Be equipped through breakout session tracks in community health, patient care, career development, and hands-on skills in ultrasound, newborn resuscitation, and cervical cancer screening. Become connected with the local and international service organizations with whom you can explore volunteer options face-to-face.


Also, come early to the HHC! On Wednesday, June 8, we are offering Professional Qualification Courses in Helping Mothers Survive, Essential Care for Every Baby and Small Babies, and Obstetrics Ultrasound for Primary Care. Thursday, June 9, take in Helping Babies Breathe, Hands-On Skills for Low-Resource Healthcare, and Ultrasound for Primary Care.


One final element of “not losing heart in doing good” deserves special attention: the stellar people whom you will meet and with whom you may serve for years in the future. So, save the date in your calendar and register now for the 2022 Humanitarian Health Conference!


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